Vanilla Chai Tonic Recipe

We hope you had a wonderful January!

Emma has been in the kitchen creating new Zenberry recipes and we’d like to send you a different one every Monday. Zenberry has become her breakfast or lunch replacement, depending on her mood. She’s trying to maximize raw foods in her diet (Zenberry is raw and organic) without creating dampness in her system amidst the cold winter. In her nutrition consultation practice, Goji Fitness, she’s been working with several clients fighting cancer. With the Gerson Therapy (which tries to achieve a good balance of raw with cooked foods), in the back of her head , it really motivated her to up her own prevention game at home.

So we hope these winter smoothie recipes inspire your own concoctions and increase your daily intake of raw fruit and vegetables. Today’s recipe is a Tonic, inspired by the one she was making every day in her room in India while studying to become a yoga teacher.  It helped her start her day which began 3 hours before breakfast.

Zenberry Vanilla Chai Tonic


  • 10 oz glass of purified or distilled water
  • 1 pitted organic date
  • 1 TBSP organic goji berries
  • 10 raw organic almonds (or less)
  • 2 TBSP Zenberry Vanilla Chai
  • Optional: sacred 7 mushroom extract powder,  reishi or other mushroom extract.


Soak all the ingredients overnight in the water you’ll be blending your Tonic in.

When time comes, pour the water and soaked date, goji berries, almonds in your blender. Add Zenberry and if using, mushroom extract powder (or drops) and blend at high speed until the smoothie is lukewarm.

Drinking your smoothies at room temperature or lukewarm like this tonic is easier on the digestive system and comforting.

This Tonic is light, creamy and nutritious. It is rich in minerals and vitamins such as magnesium, manganese, potassium, iron, copper, vitamin A, B, C and E. In addition to providing you with enzymes, probiotics and a daily dose of leafy greens from the sea and land.

It also makes for a good night cap because the spices are warming and calming.

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