Zenberry Power Packs: Single-Serving & Travel-Friendly

Zenberry packet on top of luggage

Zenberry Power Packs: Single-Serving & Travel-Friendly

Nutrition at your fingertips

A few weeks ago we launched our new single-serving Zenberry Power Packs! The goal was to make it easier for you to bring super nutrition anywhere. Whether it’s the gym, the office or a flight to a far-off destination for business or pleasure, Zenberry Power Packs can come along for the ride.

Air Travel

While the normal bottle of Zenberry travels well it can be tough when you only have a carry-on.  There is always that fear that TSA might confiscate your Zenberry if it’s already opened and sometimes even if it’s not.  The Power Packs are well under the TSA weight limit for powders and shouldn’t pose a problem for air travel.  We know it’s difficult to eat right while flying so having a boost of Zenberry Greens before, during or after your flight gives you a little nutritional insurance.

The Office/Work

Keeping a few Power Packs in your desk or your work bag makes it’s easy to avoid snacking during that afternoon slump (yes we totally understand).  It’ll reduce cravings for sweets because while it only has 2g of sugar (naturally occurring, not added) it tastes sweet.  Plus, it’s filled with organic raw cacao so you won’t be reaching for a chocolate bar either.  The boost of nutrients and the small amount of natural occurring caffeine found in cacao might keep you from having that late afternoon cup of java, but we can’t promise you that.  Besides, as long as you drink it black, coffee might be good for you, studies are now finding.

The Gym

Keeping a Power Pack in your gym bag and drinking right after your workout will help you recover faster.  Our cycling team uses Zenberry right after racing or training to keep them going day after day.  If you mix Zenberry with plain water, it is only 70 calories and a reasonable dose of 9g of vegan protein.  The superfoods and antioxidants will help reduce inflammation and jump-start your recovery.  Avoiding those calorie-dense and expensive gym-made protein shakes will save you a bit of money and keep your junk intake to a minimum.  We do not like whey proteins or other highly processed animal proteins.  They’re not good for you or the planet.

Single serving zenberry

If you have always wanted to try Zenberry but were reluctant to shell out the money for a full-sized bottle then the Power Packs are a great alternative for you to give it a shot.  Power Packs are 5 single-serving packets of Zenberry Greens so they will last you through a typical work week.  At $17.95 and free shipping, the investment isn’t as daunting.

Right now, we only have Power Packs in Zenberry Greens but we are working on adding other flavors in the future.  Thank you for reading!


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