Zenberry is Closing

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the end of the Zenberry brand. Emma and I have fought hard to keep it going but many forces out of our control have caused us to shut things down. It’s wasn’t without a fight, though. It’s taken several years of struggle to finally pull the plug. We apologize to all of you who have been loyal customers and supporters. Like you, we love Zenberry and it’s going to be hard to get by without our delicious daily smoothie.

Zenberry started about 10 years ago in our kitchen in Brooklyn. Mixing up a truly healthy superfood protein smoothie that tasted amazing was our only goal, not to start selling a product. Emma wanted it for her own health and to help her clients at her new but blossoming health coaching/nutrition business, Goji Fitness. For myself, I was a competitive athlete looking to maximize my human potential.

So many of our friends and family loved Zenberry that we had this crazy idea of bringing it to market. What a journey that was. So many ups and downs the next 10 years, meeting so many amazing people along the way. Learning so many lessons and skills that only come from “boots on the ground”, getting the hands dirty types of experiences. That is why, despite shutting Zenberry down, it was a huge success, in our hearts.

Please help us liquidate our current inventory by buying a bottle (or three) for 50% off. Zenberry will shut down December 31st, 2023.

Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts,

Shane & Emma

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