Upcycle that old helmet

Ever wonder if you can recycle that old action sport helmet, like a bike or ski helmets?

The short answer is no. Unfortunately you can not recycle because of all the different materials that go into making helmets. And you can’t pass them along to others because they do have an expiration date. Yes, the materials don’t last forever and degrade over time. Especially if it has ever protected you in a fall or accident then you really need a new helmet.

But what do you do with the old one? If you are like me after finding out that they are not recyclable, you save them and think that maybe one day it might be an art project. Glued together into some fanciful sea creature for mermaid parade or something.

Guess what, it is way easier than that, use them hanging as planters! Either use as is and put a small pot and put it directly in the helmet and hang from a hook. If the plant is one that does not need your typical soil, plant right into the helmet with sphagnum moss and peat chips for air plants, orchids and the like.

Get fancy, put more than one helmet in cascading tier type pant hanger, look up multi plant hangers and you will get an idea.

They may not last forever but you can get extended life out of your helmet, literally.

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