Keep Young Smoothie Bowl Recipe

We love smoothie bowls! We love drinking smoothies but make a thick, eat-with-a-spoon smoothie bowl is just so satisfying and filling.  Especially if you add some extra ingredients to chew while you’re at it.  Get all of the benefits of our Zenberry smoothies while enjoying it in a different way. It’s really like eating dessert for breakfast but without the guilt or negative health effects.

Keeping young takes more than just diet but it’s best to start there. Eating right can slow the aging process making you look years younger than your driver’s license indicates. I know many of us are motivated by a little bit of vanity but slowing the aging process internally is probably much more important than reducing some wrinkles on your face.  Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is proven to improve health internally and externally. This smoothie bowl is packed with anti-oxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals, healthy fats, slow-burning carbs as well as probiotics and enzymes.  Plus it’s a blast to eat!  Learn more about healthy diets linked to healthy cellular aging in this article.


  • Dash of almond milk (just enough to get ingredients moving. Add more very slowly if things are too solid).
  • 1 pack of frozen unsweetened acai
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 2 TBSP Zenberry Greens (add this after the above ingredients have started to blend a bit to avoid the powder sicking to the blender)
  • Optional: Ice if it is too liquid
  • Toppings: 1-2 TBSP almond butter, goji berries and raw cacao nibs


Blend in a high speed blender on low. Add almond milk at very small amounts just to get the frozen items moving.  You don’t want to add too much otherwise it won’t be thick enough to be a smoothie bowl which should be like a very thick milk shake or soft-serve ice cream.  You may have to stop the blender and shake it or stir the contents to help get it moving.  Once the consistency is to your liking, pour it into a bowl and add toppings.  Eat with a spoon.

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