Japanese Sweet Potato! Healthy Cycling Portables

Japanese Sweet Potato Recipe for a Portable Snack

This simple delicious recipe will be sure to please any sweet tooth. Japanese sweet potatoes are the perfect size, texture and sweetness for a healthy portable snack for kids or adults.  Add some pink Himalayan salt to make them more savory if you like. You can cook a bunch and then store in the fridge all week. They are great warm or cold so are perfect for my training rides (better then eating disgusting gels). These are great for pregame fuel, halftime or post event recovery. It’s getting easier to find healthy options for “on-the-bike” (or trail) nutrition but they can be expensive and not all that tasty.  One of the few on the market that meet our standards for taste, texture and quality ingredients are JoJe Bars. Currently, they’re the only bars I buy and I truly enjoy every bite, so check them out.

You can make these as sweet or savory as you like. When out riding I tend to need a bit of salt and electrolytes so I usually make mine with a bit of pink Himalayan salt which sticks well to the coconut oil.  I am always looking for healthier foods to bring with me when all I have are a few small jersey pockets so these work really well.  Look for potatoes smaller in size so you don’t have to cut them up too much. The skin helps hold them together better once they are cooked.  Using a variety of different spices can keep you from getting bored and possibly not eating as much or as often as you should.  So I mix it up and usually carry several different flavors if I’m going out for a long ride (3-6hrs). For your post-workout recovery, of course, choose Zenberry.

Japanese Sweet Potato Recipe

  • Cut into 2-3″ pieces (usually just cut them in half)
  • Place on baking sheet and bake at 400 degrees until soft (about 30-40 min)
  • Remove from oven and rub with coconut oil (let cool a bit before eating)
  • Place in glass container in fridge to enjoy the rest of the week
  • Sprinkle with sea salt & cinnamon (or spices you love) when ready to eat them.
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