Inner Zen with Nancy

I cannot say enough about Zenberry. I have been a Zenberry consumer from the very beginning of Zenberry when Emma and Shane first introduced it. Zenberry is my sustenance. I started adding by adding Zenberry to my smoothies. Now, it is my go-to breakfast after a drink of warm water and lemon, I enjoy a special preparation.


  • Pure nut milk
  • Zenberry
  • Collagen powder
  • Organic Hemp seeds
  • Organic cacao nibs
  • Fresh berries, fruit and banana

Sometimes a sprinkle of raw nuts and seeds.

In the winter, I often add dried dates and figs instead of fresh fruit.

In winter, I also make Zenberry oat pancakes with blueberries, a Goji Fitness recipe. Yum!

Being on a mostly plant-based diet, I feel secure that my Zenberry preparation has me covered with basic nutrients.

So reliant am I on Zenberry that I take a supply with me when I go away.

Thank you, Emma and Shane, for helping to keep me healthy.

I love chocolate and a dose of Zenberry Greens gives me my morning “fix”.  Combined with fresh berries, seasonal fruit, banana, nuts, seeds and an additional boost of cocoa nibs, I’m set to begin any day.

Zenberry green mixed in an afternoon smoothie is a great pick me up. Some say- an apple a day…I say “a Zenberry a day.”

-Nancy (NYC)

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