How Much Would it Cost to Make Zenberry Yourself?

We created Zenberry 9 years ago because we just couldn’t find a vegan smoothie mix that met our standards for purity, potency and great taste.  Many met 1 of the 3 but none of them hit each mark. We set out to create something truly unique. A healthy smoothie with no junk, all the nutrition one needs, while also tasting delicious.

First, we designed a formula around all of the amazing superfoods we wanted to include.  Spirulina/Chlorella, sea vegetables, dark leafy greens, maca, cacao, wheat & barley grass and many more.  The problem is that when you put all of these things together in a blender, while it’s super healthy, the taste can, well, cause some gagging.

It took a few hundred attempts (and some gagging) to get the ratios just right.  A big discovery was adding a few key complimentary ingredients like mesquite and a few others, to get the taste and texture perfect.  We had it! A plant-based smoothie with zero junk that didn’t taste like your front lawn!

Zenberry is a premium product and its price reflects this. It is for people who demand the best and understand the quality of the ingredients we have chosen. If you attempted to make Zenberry yourself by going to your local health food store and purchasing similar ingredients, you’d be shocked by the price.  We did a little experiment to see just how expensive it would be to make Zenberry yourself.  Watch the quick video to see the final price at the register.

Your next problem is when you get home and put all of those ingredients into your blender.  Trust us, it took many attempts to get the taste just right.  Some of the early versions were very tough to choke down, so be warned.

Save yourself some time and money (and gagging) and leave the formulation to us.  At $82.99 ($3.60/serving) Zenberry is a bargain after you see the video.  A Zenberry subscription is even more cost-effective, at just $67 ($2.19/serving) you will get a bottle shipped to you monthly, bi-monthly or any timing you wish, saving you 20% off retail.

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