Happy Thanksgiving

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A note of gratitude and thanks

What are we most thankful for? That is always an important question and I try not to ponder it only once a year on Thanksgiving. Gratitude is a major path to happiness, in my opinion, even though I tend to focus on the negative (I’m working on that).

I’m most grateful for, of course, my health, family, friends and all that jazz. There isn’t much in life more important than those things (ask anyone who is sick). Putting those aside as givens, I’m so grateful for the amazing experiences I’ve had in my life (good and bad). The things I’ve seen, the beautiful places I’ve visited, foods I’ve tasted, the mountains (literal & metaphorical) I’ve climbed. I’m grateful for all of the relationships that have passed through my life. Each one has given me something, adding to what makes me, me. Painful experiences shape us as much as amazing ones.

We here at Zenberry wish you all a safe, happy, loving Thanksgiving.

Our Cyber week sale will be kicking Thanksgiving Day.

You’ll get 40% off and support a small business trying to make the world a better place.

Thank you for reading.

~ Shane

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