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You have a story, and we want to hear and share it. You don’t have to be a professional content creator, either.  We are looking for real, authentic, honest content so just be yourself.  No need for elaborate production or professional photos etc.

Send us your story, images or videos with Zenberry greens (or without). Email to [email protected] (videos please use WeTransfer link).

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Please share how, where, why you enjoy Zenberry, add a favorite recipe, a favorite place, as meal replacement, nutritional support, go-to snack, vegan, makes me feel…etc.  Tell us what Zenberry means to you. We want more than just a quick blurb or review. Blog should be at least 500 words

The content doesn’t have to be about nutrition or exercise. You could also share a “pro tip”, advice or hack for your profession, sport, passion, or hobby. Maybe how to patch a bike tire, or store your sports gear for winter/summer seasons. Tips about tidying up, how not to overeat, your favorite winter clothing, your best hot chocolate recipe, the best vacation of your life. These are examples but you get the idea…what do you love?  It can be anything.

How does Zenberry fits in to your everyday world, life, and see it “in the wild”!

We suggest a short 500-1200 words and photos help a lot.

Your blog, photos and videos will be used as content on the zenberry website and promoted ad campaigns and social media.

Video/photo requirements:  Please shoot video in portrait (vertical) aspect ratio, 1080p resolution (30fps if possible).  No longer than 1 minute in duration and no added music due to commercial licensing restrictions on various platforms.  Photos can be any aspect ratio but portrait is the most social media friendly.

*By participating in this promotion you release use of content submitted for such purpose as stated above.  Content can be used for promotion of Zenberry on, newsletter, social media, and ad campaigns.  The creator’s account, company or service will be credited in all blogs, posts and/or ads unless instructed otherwise. 

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