No. All Zenberry products are organic compliant but not all are certified USDA organic, at this time. Those who produce our ingredients and package our products are organic compliant according to NOP (National Organic Program) regulations, however, several ingredients are wild-crafted such as kelp and dulse. These ingredients are best grown in wild places, like the ocean, which are not able to be certified organic at this time. This makes an official USDA Certification impossible. Just because something is certified organic doesn’t mean that it is of high quality.

We are unwilling to compromise our mission to provide the highest quality, most nutrient dense ingredients for our customers whether “certified” organic or not. We stand by our products as being of the highest quality, free of pesticides, chemicals and GMOs, even if every single ingredient is not USDA certified.

We continue to improve our products and remain open and transparent with our customers and we are pursuing a partial USDA Organic certification for those ingredients where it would be possible.

Zenberry is best when mixed in a blender or a shaker bottle. It’s harder to blend in a glass, stirred with a spoon, because it’s made from whole foods which have not be processed beyond dehydration and grinding into a fine powder. Most powders that blend with a few stirs of a spoon have either been highly processed using chemicals and emulsifiers and/or are full of sugar which dissolves readily in liquid (think of your childhood chocolate milk powder). Any type of blender does a great job of mixing zenberry into the liquid of your choice. A shaker bottle works great on-the-go but give it a few extra shakes to be sure it’s totally blended. Hey, those are extra calories you’re burning while shaking! You’re welcome.