Coronavirus: Stay Home, We Will Get Through This

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Coronavirus: Stay Home, We Will Get Through This

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Stressful Times

I know things are a bit stressful right now and we are all being bombarded with emails and posts from businesses and government officials regarding the coronavirus.  I didn’t want to add to that load these past few weeks but I through it was important let you know that we are in this together.  We will get through this. We have some coronavirus tips that you may not have seen before.

My Background

I have some training with infectious disease because I was a NYPD detective with 13 years of experience in the Special Operations Division. I was an EMT and had extensive training to become a hazmat tech level A which is the highest certification.  Level A is what you see in the movies with the full “moon suit” and self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). We prepared for terrorist attacks using biological weapons among other things.  I knew how serious this virus was back in January but hoped China could get it under control.


We really have to listen to the CDC and our state and local officials to do whatever we can to help prevent the spread of this virus.  This isn’t just about not getting sick.  Estimates are that about 70% of the population will get this virus at some point but we want to slow it down so our hospitals aren’t overwhelmed.


What Can I do?


Staying home, if possible, is the best thing we can do right now.  Not just to keep the spread to a minimum but also so we don’t stress an already stressed system.  When we drive or ride our bikes or go hiking, we can get injured. A car accident will stress law enforcement and first responders who will soon be getting sick or be quarantined. Adding to a crowded ER or ICU is not what hospitals need right now.  Not to mention that you are at higher risk of getting sick if you’re surrounded by sick people at the hospital, right?  So, please stay home. As much as I want to ride my bike outdoors, I know that will soon be coming to an end just like in Spain, Italy and France.  Even professional cyclists aren’t allowed to train outdoors in Spain.


Wash your hands, a lot.  Yes, we have all heard the 20-30sec hand washing tips.  Another thing to consider is the re-contamination of your clean hands.  Try to keep in mind that if you washed your hands perfectly but then touch your infected phone right afterward, you are re-contaminated.  I keep a UV phone cleaner right by the front door and a spray bottle of 70% alcohol.  Put the phone in the UV cleaner as soon as you walk in and then spray down the door knobs and anything I brought home.  Wash your hands, wipe down the phone cleaner (Remember I opened it with contaminated hands) before taking phone out.  Also, wipe down any delivery boxes and it’s contents. Spray down or wash grocery items, counter tops and any high-use items like refrigerator door handles etc.


Get healthy. Do what you can to be as healthy as you can be.  Eat well, sleep well, get some exercise (at home), take some supplements proven to strengthen the immune system and fight viruses.  Stay hydrated and reduce alcohol use (it suppresses the immune system). If you smoke, quit now.  One of the biggest factors they have found leading to fatality other than age is a compromised respiratory system before one contracts coronavirus.


We will get through this.  We are stronger together even if it’s at a distance, for now.  Do your part, stay positive, hunker down and this too will pass.

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