Healthy Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream Smoothie

If you love chocolate chip mint ice cream but don’t like the dairy, saturated fat and sugar, you’ll love this recipe! It’s hard to believe this smoothie is healthy, it tastes so good.

2-4 tablespoons Zenberry Greens

1 frozen Banana

1/2 cup frozen blueberries

2 kale leaves (spine removed)

handful fresh mint leaves

Ice if you need to make it thicker

Blend in high speed blender. Top with cacao nibs for the crunch of chocolate chips.

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How Much Would it Cost to Make Zenberry Yourself?

April 11, 2022

It took a few hundred attempts (and some gagging) to get the ratios just right.  A big discovery was adding a few key complimentary ingredients like mesquite and a few others, to get the taste and texture perfect.  We had it! A plant-based smoothie with zero junk that didn’t taste like your front lawn!

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