A Challenging Year Makes Us Stronger

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A Challenging Year Makes Us Stronger

2019 Was a Challenging Year

2019 was a challenging year for both Emma and myself. Did we curl up in a ball and cry? No.  Ok, some tears were shed but I firmly believe in expressing emotions as they come, getting up, dusting yourself off and forging ahead with what you must do.  It’s not always easy and we all have those days of despair but just keep going forward.

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Zenberry 2020

We have some new things in store for 2020 including a possible reformulation of Zenberry Greens.  So excited to share it with you when the time comes. Last year we also launched our Power Packs so you had single-servings of Zenberry Greens that are easy to travel with or keep at the office. They are also a way to try it out before committing to a full bottle. I understand it’s difficult to taste anything through the internet so until that is possible you can order a Power Pack.


Shane’s Year


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3 days lying flat in the hospital

My 2019 started off with a challenge: a recurring knee injury that kept me from the thing I love most in this world, cycling. Some may say that I should get over it.  That it’s just a hobby and I can find something else to do.  I wish it were that easy. Cycling isn’t just a hobby to me.  It is a way of life and most of my social network is also linked to the sport.  Most of my contact with friends occurs while riding or participating in racing so taking up yoga instead would be a difficult transition.

Through hard work and lots of patience, I was able to get my knee functioning and began training and racing.  Then the shit hit the fan in June when I was crashed out of a race in Massachusetts breaking my neck and back.  I was in a full neck and back brace for almost 3 months.  Lying in the ER I readjusted my focus on healing. Hitting a switch in my brain, I laid out a plan to get back to 100%. I starting moving around and riding indoors as soon as the doctors would allow (6 days later) and this really helped to speed up my recovery.  Exercise is just amazing!

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By the end of August, I was riding outdoors again and eventually got fit enough to participate in an epic 100 mile ride called Hillier Than Thou in western NJ.  This ride is never flat and the climbs are all super-steep.  13,000 ft of climbing in total, I was pretty destroyed by the end.  I was happy to make the lead group with 2 other racers and hung on until mile 90ish before I had to let them go. Finishing 3rd isn’t bad even though it was not an official race or anything.

My New Cycling Blog

Bike and Tonic logo

Since then I’ve been training steadily on and off the bike, paying close attention to my all-around fitness and mobility, strengthening my back and neck and keeping my patella pain at bay.  I also started a cycling blog called Bike and Tonic. Since I won’t be road racing anymore but have 17 years of experience, I wanted to share this knowledge with anyone seeking it.  It’s also an outlet and a way to stay involved in the sport.  If you are interested or know anyone who is, please check out the site and sign up for my informative newsletter.  I will be covering everything from nutrition, tactics, tech, training, product reviews, races and even cycling fashion.  There is something for beginners to pros. If you love cycling, you’ll enjoy it.


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Emma’s Year

Emma has been traveling a lot to see family and teach yoga and fitness. This is what she loves so we are so happy she is able to do this often.

Emma has also had some health challenges this year.  She continues to battle ulcerative colitis and has learned so much about how to deal with it in a natural, holistic, drug-free way.  She plans on sharing what she has learned very soon.

The Clean Start Program by Emma

She is also launching her Clean Start Program which begins January 11th and is a 7-day transformative “detox” which includes a guided water fast, vegan/plant-based recipes and meal plan, yoga sessions and a free Zenberry Greens Power Pack.

The Clean Start Program will inspire and challenge you to tap into your inner wisdom to live your fullest, boldest and healthiest year yet. At the end of this one-week program, you’ll feel deeply reconnected to that little voice within you that knows what’s best and that we all may have ignored a few times.

Thank you for reading and we wish you a happy and healthy New Year!

-Shane & Emma

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