Upcycle that old helmet

Ever wonder if you can recycle that old action sport helmet, like a bike or ski helmets? The short answer is no. Unfortunately you can not recycle because of all the different materials that go into making helmets. And you can’t pass them along to others because they do have an expiration date. Yes, the…

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I Crashed My Bike Today

bike rider on a gravel road

Failure is a Part of Life First, I’m ok. I crashed hard enough that it snapped my bike computer mount but not much other damage. Luckily, I was riding off-road but I landed on a pile of logs, smashing my head and my upper right quad which will be very sore for a few days.…

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What a Plant-Based Competitive Athlete Eats

plant-based athlete rock climbing

I became largely plant-based in 2003, a few years after I started my amateur racing hobby. I’ve been an athlete my entire life, starting with soccer when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I was a varsity football player and co-captain of my high school wrestling team. I was never that talented so…

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5 Warning Signs of Heat Stress & One I Never Ignore

Cyclist covered in sweat

There are 9 symptoms of heat exhaustion according to the CDC but I will focus on a few early warning signs of heat stress that may appear before heat exhaustion occurs.  There is one that I never ignore. I have dealt with extreme temperatures both at my previous career as a rescue diver but also…

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I Broke My Neck. Now What?

As soon as I realized that I had a broken back I flipped a switch in my brain.  Ok, I had a moment of despair and teared up for a few minutes lying on the gurney in the hallway of the ER, all alone.  But soon after that cleansing, I shifted gears from thinking about my fitness and my next race…from strategizing how I was going to get a cab from the ER back to the High School where my car was parked, so I could be home to have dinner with my wife, to realizing that I was spending the night alone in the hospital hoping that I wouldn’t end up paralyzed.

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Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

cyclist climbing a mountain

The Green Mountain Stage Race Biting off more than you can chew can be a good thing, sometimes. Many of you know that we have sponsored an amateur cycling team for about 5 years now.  Emma and I are both in love with anything that involves a bicycle. I had been racing for many years…

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