5 Warning Signs of Heat Stress & One I Never Ignore

Cyclist covered in sweat

There are 9 symptoms of heat exhaustion according to the CDC but I will focus on a few early warning signs of heat stress that may appear before heat exhaustion occurs.  There is one that I never ignore. Elevated heart rate Headache Dizziness Unusual fatigue Chills (I never ignore this one) I have dealt with…

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How Much Would it Cost to Make Zenberry Yourself?

two people sharing zenberry samples

It took a few hundred attempts (and some gagging) to get the ratios just right.  A big discovery was adding a few key complimentary ingredients like mesquite and a few others, to get the taste and texture perfect.  We had it! A plant-based smoothie with zero junk that didn’t taste like your front lawn!

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Valentine’s Day Love Potion Smoothie Recipe

Zenberry Superfood Smoothie next to flower

This Smoothie is incredible for hormonal support and to improve your metabolic and endocrine function. Research has shown that these ingredients help boost libido, increase nerve sensitivity, pleasure and capacity to orgasm as well as fertility. The full-fat milk and seeds, super greens and superfoods in Zenberry (raw cacao, maca) all support sexual health. Below…

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Vanilla Chai Tonic Recipe

Zenberry Vanilla Chai bottle in the snow

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] We hope you had a wonderful January! Emma has been in the kitchen creating new Zenberry recipes and we’d like to send you a different one every Monday. Zenberry has become her breakfast or lunch replacement, depending on her mood. She’s trying to maximize raw foods in her diet (Zenberry is raw and organic)…

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Vanilla Chai Frozen Yogurt Smoothie

Vanilla Chai Yogurt Smoothie

Vanilla chai frozen yogurt smoothie is delicious. Yogurt, whether made from dairy or non-dairy milk, is delicious and filled with probiotics which can help your guy flora balance. We prefer to use vegan yogurts but the choice is yours.  There are some really delicious coconut yogurts on the market and Anita’s is one of our…

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Keep Young Smoothie Bowl Recipe

zenberry Smoothie Bowl

We love smoothie bowls! We love drinking smoothies but make a thick, eat-with-a-spoon smoothie bowl is just so satisfying and filling.  Especially if you add some extra ingredients to chew while you’re at it.  Get all of the benefits of our Zenberry smoothies while enjoying it in a different way. It’s really like eating dessert…

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