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Hi, I’m Emma Galland, and my passion is to inspire and help people through their own life-change process, starting with the food they eat. I grew up in France but have lived in Switzerland and Sweden before landing in the U.S. in 2003. I am fluent in 3 languages and love to travel the world learning about other cultures (especially the food).

As a busy consultant at one of the Big 4 professional services firms, my health began to fail. I co-created Zenberry in order to get wholesome nutrition, conveniently, on-the-go which was essential on my road to recovery. Since then I have become a certified health & nutrition coach, yoga instructor, personal trainer and authored the book, “Feeding Success” which is all about how to be healthy and successful as a busy professional.

Shane Moran has been an endurance athlete for over 15 yrs. A Cat 2 road racer, 2x NY State Road Race Champion, a vegetarian, and a retired NYPD detective with the elite Scuba Team (a job where physical fitness can be a matter of life and death).

“I’ve been racing bikes since 2003 and, as an aging athlete (now in my 40s), I know that recovery is key. Clean eating, lots of rest, and proper hydration are the keys to keeping me at the front of the race. I helped create Zenberry in order to get healthy pre and post workout nutrition that was vegan, raw, organic and free from cheap sugars, additives and fillers that are so popular with most brands on the market. After hard races or training blocks, my legs feel a lot more recovered if I’ve had Zenberry post-ride. And it tastes great, too.”

In creating the Zenberry business, we partnered with a fellow nutrition school graduate and friend, Adele Engel, who was going through health challenges of her own (cancer, digestive issues, arthritis) at the time. With feedback and testing by Shane in his capacity as a competitive athlete, Zenberry Green and Zenberry Blue were born. Adele and Emma reclaimed their health, while Shane went on to perform better than ever.

“A few years ago, my health brought me to my knees. I was diagnosed with cancer, IBS, arthritis, GERD and depression. Every diagnosis had a prescription to go with it. Every prescription had side effects. This simply wasn’t working for me on so many levels. I made the decision to find a natural way to deal with my body and mind I studied nutrition for four years and experimented with superfoods as a way to heal. I formulated raw, organic mixes that I blended each day. Today. I am in a vibrant and thriving state of health thanks, in part, to the magic of the ingredients in Zenberry.” – Adele Engel