About Us

Enlighten Your Nutrition

Zenberry is a raw, organic/wild-crafted, non-GMO, vegan superfood protein smoothie mix that was created in order to meet our need for a clean, healthy, convenient fuel for our workouts and busy lifestyles.

Zenberry came at a time in Emma and Shane’s life where there was a lot to overcome and a desire to unlock their full human potential. To courageously step into the unknown. Zenberry is more than a smoothie mix. It’s the promise of better days to come rooted in taking charge of our own health and our own results, one nutritious smoothie (and meal) at a time.

We had the idea for Zenberry because nothing on the market met our standards for both quality, potency and taste (often a forgotten component) so we created our own! It was so delicious and effective we had to share it with the world. Nothing goes into our formulas that we don’t want in our own bodies because those ingredients will become our cells, and by extension, crossing the blood-brain barrier, our thoughts and feelings. It is our personal experience that food affects the way we look physically and the way we project into the world with our words and actions.

Drinking Zenberry is choosing to believe in our inner power and taking action to unlock it! Emma and Shane created something special and continue to adhere to strict standards of purity, quality, potency as well as environmental and social responsibility. We didn’t just set out to create another protein powder. We started a movement of health & wellness around one simple daily habit: Drinking an elixir which makes you feel good about yourself and your future. So we started with amazing vegan proteins and added superfoods, grasses, herbs & spices, vegetables/fruit, enzymes and probiotics, carefully balanced for an incredible taste and that deep feeling of nurturing our dreams and unlocking our potential.

Meet the Creators

Hi, I’m Emma Galland, and my passion is to inspire and help people through their own life-change process, starting with the food they eat. I grew up in France but have lived in Switzerland and Sweden before landing in the U.S. in 2003. I am fluent in 3 languages and love to travel the world learning about other cultures (especially the food).

As a busy consultant at one of the Big 4 professional services firms, my health began to fail.  This challenge led me to become a certified health & nutrition coach, yoga instructor, personal trainer and authored the book, “Feeding Success” which is all about how to be healthy and successful as a busy professional. I co-created Zenberry in order to get wholesome, delicious nutrition in one convenient package.

Stage racing is a team sport

Shane Moran has been an endurance athlete for over 20 yrs. A Cat 2 road racer, 2x NY State Road Race Champion, a vegetarian, and a retired NYPD detective with the elite Scuba Team.

“I’ve been racing bikes since 2003 and, as an aging athlete (now in my late 40s), I know that recovery is key. Clean eating, lots of rest, and proper hydration are the keys to keeping me at the front of the race. I helped create Zenberry in order to give my body what it needs. Plant-based, raw, organic and free from cheap sugars, additives and fillers. It tastes great, too.”

Ingredients in Harmony

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