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Hi, I’m Emma Galland, and my passion is to inspire and help people through their own life-change process, starting with the food they eat. I grew up in France but have lived in Switzerland and Sweden before landing in the U.S. in 2003. I am fluent in 3 languages and love to travel the world learning about other cultures (especially the food).

As a busy consultant at one of the Big 4 professional services firms, my health began to fail.  This challenge led me to become a certified health & nutrition coach, yoga instructor, personal trainer and authored the book, “Feeding Success” which is all about how to be healthy and successful as a busy professional. I co-created Zenberry in order to get wholesome, delicious nutrition in one convenient package.

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Shane Moran has been an endurance athlete for over 20 yrs. A Cat 2 road racer, 2x NY State Road Race Champion, a vegetarian, and a retired NYPD detective with the elite Scuba Team.

“I’ve been racing bikes since 2003 and, as an aging athlete (now in my late 40s), I know that recovery is key. Clean eating, lots of rest, and proper hydration are the keys to keeping me at the front of the race. I helped create Zenberry in order to give my body what it needs. Plant-based, raw, organic and free from cheap sugars, additives and fillers. It tastes great, too.”