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I Broke My Neck. Now What?

Bike Racing is Dangerous -How to Eat to Aid Healing: a nutritional recovery strategy Sunday June 9th I drove 3 hours up to Sutton, MA to do the Purgatory Road Race (aptly named) in the Pro, 1, 2 category.  I had done this race the past 2 years and it’s always very hard. I have […]


Zenberry Vegan Protein Pancake Recipe

“…but where do you get your protein?” A vegetarian since 2003/2004, I’ve heard this question more times than anything else.  Especially since I’ve been a competitive endurance athlete that entire time.  I can tell you that my athletic performance only improved once I became a vegetarian and I think that was due to the lower […]

Pasta doesn’t always have to be Italian. This vegan twist is southwest with lots of fresh jalapeño and cilantro. Smoked paprika, chili, cumin, garlic with sautéed kale and a spritz of lime. Red beans for added protein and fiber. I topped it with some nutritional yeast before serving for some added cheesiness. @gojifitness #vegan #pasta #southwestcooking #spicy #caliente #kale #vegandinner ...

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Beautiful day! #hudsonriver #nyc #newjersey #zenberryracing #cycling ...

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Tuesday I was allowed to start using free weights as part of my recovery. Saturday, I’m still sore as hell! It’s great to be able to feel muscle soreness again! It’s now 3 months since my crash and I’m feeling stronger every day. #cycling #zenberryracing #fitness #kettlebell #lunges #legday #weighttraining ...

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