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  • FEEDING SUCCESS LAB is our virtual group heath coaching program that encourages you to explore and experiment with a new dietary or lifestyle change every 30 days to find your individual high-performance healthy blueprint and maintain it for life.
  • Emma Galland wrote "FEEDING SUCCESS" to be a nutrition and lifestyle guide to help busy professionals and business travelers be healthier, increase energy and maximize their potential. It is also the story of overcoming an auto-immune disorder and burnout with empowering dietary and lifestyle changes. The book is included when you sign up for the Feeding Success Lab.

Feeding Success Lab

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Feeding Success is our virtual group health coaching program that encourages you to explore and experiment with a new dietary or lifestyle change every 30 days to find your individual high-performance healthy blueprint and maintain it for life. It includes the book, Feeding Success, written by Emma Galland to help guide you through many of the dietary and lifestyle changes we will be exploring.


The Three Program Goals:
1.   Enable you to operate at your full human potential in all aspect of your life and live happier and more fulfilled
2.   Empower you to make bio-individual dietary and lifestyle changes that stick for life at the rate of one simple, high impact, change per month
3.   Permanently change your relationship with food and what nurtures your bio-chemistry, mental, emotional and physical being



How does it work?
  • You will introduce one new diet or lifestyle experiment every 30 days and create a new healthy habit that works for you.
  • You will get Emma's live support on one live call on the first week of every month (recorded for replay)
  • You will have access to an online course portal with great content to learn more, develop new skills in the kitchen and grocery shop like a pro (and maximize your budget). There will be videos, recorded presentations, recipes, and handouts to educate, inspire and support you throughout the month
  • You can join a private FB page to connect with Emma and other participants if you're into social media
  • You will be able to track your improving health as well as consistency with implementing your new habits in an Excel progress tracker (A “30 For Life” tracking app will be developed in the near future).


Our Vision
What we eat and drink becomes our cells, tissues and organs and by extension, influences our thoughts and emotions. Hence, the state of our biochemistry has immediate repercussion on how we live our lives and contribute in our work. Any health issue, even as small as fatigue, lack of mental clarity, brain fog, or lack of energy, signifies imbalance that can be addressed with dietary and lifestyle changes. These changes aim to create harmony from the inside out. Since we can rarely alter our external environment, the change to bring harmony must come from our internal environment, namely one’s diet, attitude towards life and other people. How we project in the world, how we work as good colleagues, team members, friends, parents, children, depends on our internal mental, emotional and physical health.

FEEDING SUCCESS begins with dietary changes and progresses to lifestyle changes when you feel more energetic from eating better. To maintain your new habits, you will learn and practice introspection, awareness and mindful living to make informed dietary and lifestyle decisions taking into account your life’s big picture: how do I want to feel? What impact in the marketplace do I want to make? What relationships do I want to create? Rather than choosing food and lifestyle mindlessly or in response to short-sighted cravings.

 Finally, what the program teaches you over time is that the things you want to change in your life the most (e.g., our health) will need you to change and evolve as a person along the way too. You’ll come to develop new behaviors to sustain success such as creating and holding on to a strong resolve, awareness, discipline, determination, intuition, consistency, etc... All these behaviors translate longitudinally to all aspects of our life making us better workers, contributors, caregivers, teachers, parents, friends, innovators, etc... FEEDING SUCCESS will provide a safe place for you to practice these behaviors every day and keep track of quick wins.

The Program starts on February 1st and lasts for 10 months and runs in loops. After the 10th month is completed, the programs starts over with month 1. As such, you can start the program any month. Each month covers new territory.
The live call-webinar is on the first Wednesday of the month at 12PM EST. This program is open to anyone, regardless where in the world you live.

FEEDING SUCCESS Program modules

Month #1. Filling the nutritional gap: The Green Experiment
Month #2. Increase your energy endurance: The Whole Grains Experiment
Month #3. Bricks and mortar of the body: The Protein Experiment
Month #4. Rejuvenate: The Hydration Experiment (Includes a bonus class on "fueling for fitness")
Month #5. Reduce inflammation and prevent disease: The Healthy Fats and Fermentation Experiment
Month #6. Right-sizing your food: The Mindful Eating Experiment
Month #7. Understand your body’s cravings: The Diet Balancing Experiment
Month #8. Get slow to move ahead faster: The Sleep, Rest and Relaxation Experiment (will include on-the-go meditation, deep breathing, yoga, and other tools to experiment releasing tension and increasing awareness)
Month #9. Become strong, flexible and agile: The Exercise for Your Body Type Experiment (will include several short online workouts to experiment with)
Month #10. Build nurturing professional and personal relationships: The 5 Languages of Love Experiment



What you will learn:


  • Discover your bio-individual way of eating and be able to adjust food choices based on the day’s agenda and awareness of your  personal needs that day. Food is a strategic asset: Is it a travel day, a vacation day, an all-day meetings day? How are my energy levels, state of mind, and what do I need to get me through the day and deliver my best?
  • Learn and experiment with several lifestyle changes such as various exercise formats, relaxation techniques, sleep routine, and create an individual blueprint that best supports performance in different situations
  • Learn how to anticipate and prevent chemical, physical, mental and emotional stress and challenge old ways of thinking that keep us stuck in old unhealthy habits
  • Establish awareness of how lifestyle choices affect food choices and vice-versa as well as everyday performance
  • Learn how to build fulfilling, nurturing and long lasting relationships and support network using a model that will help participants put themselves in other people’s shoes. This is the most advanced skill in integrative nutrition and module 10 in FEEDING SUCCESS.
  • Learn everything about macro and micro-nutrition, food for general health and food as medicine, food as information, food energetics, and experiment with various food groups and ways of eating, at home and during business travel.


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