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  • October 5th-12th join Emma in her Fall Body Rejuvenation.  She will combine her usual Ayurveda-inspired lifestyle (meditation techniques, self-care rituals, yoga) with lots of easy-to-make yummy recipes, as well as a specific focus on creating restful sleep. Her recipes and lifestyle suggestions this year will be geared to calm down the nervous system before bedtime and get the body ready for winter.
  • Includes Emma's famous kichadi with custom spice blend to be used for the first 3 days.  This tasty, filling and nutritious dish is gentle on your digestive system giving it time to "rest" while still delivering nutrients.  Considered baby food in India, kichadi is often used in Ayurveda to help heal and detox. Our Kichadi consists of organic brown rice and split mung beans with our organic spice blend to be added as desired.
  • Save 20% on Zenberry when you sign up for the course (coupon code will be emailed to you).  The superfoods and vegan protein perfectly compliment and support detoxification and nutritional needs during your body rejuvenation.

Autumn Essential Body Rejuvenation (Oct 18th-Oct 29th)

$179.00 $161.10
(You save $17.90)

Product Description

Get your diet and lifestyle into high gear to generate more energy, reduce stress and boost your immune and digestive system... It is not as hard as you think!

(Includes bottle of Zenberry & 3 days of Kichadi a $113 value!)


Tired of getting sick every winter?

Ready to explore how to use food for energy and building a stronger body?

Interested in hitting the gym hard this winter and explore vegan nutrition plans supporting weight lifting workouts while leaning out?

Want to learn how to relax despite your busy lifestyle?

Curious to experience daily meditation and yoga at home with a certified instructor?




Emma Galland, a certified nutrition consultant and health coach, has led seasonal dietary and fitness challenges, in October and April, for the past eight years. This fall’s virtual retreat is her way of preparing her immune system (and those fortunate enough to join her) for the upcoming winter months, while increasing energy, reducing stress, and upgrading eating habits. She is also on a quest to build greater muscle mass in her forties to defy aging and will share nutrition plans to support weight lifting workouts and recover effectively.

Emma, ever the student, is constantly updating the content of her programs as new knowledge and experience are obtained. This newest program will help you learn new healthy eating routines and recipes that you’ll want to keep for life. Many of Emma’s retreat participants join her year after year, finding themselves refreshed and invigorated for the upcoming season once the challenge is complete.  These programs are constantly evolving so there is always something new to learn.

This October Emma will combine her usual Ayurveda inspired lifestyle which includes meditation techniques, self-care rituals, yoga, lots of easy-to-make, yummy recipes, as well as a specific focus on how to support a strong weight lifting program with a lean and nutritious vegan nutrition plan. Her recipes and lifestyle suggestions this year will be geared to help you gain muscle mass, lose belly fat and show more muscle definition over time. It is not a fad diet.

Emma believes that everything you feed your body can be either health promoting or disease promoting. Feeding success is about nourishing your body with the foods and lifestyle habits which create a ripple effect of health in your personal and professional life.

No matter where you find yourself—at home, stressed with family responsibilities, or deep into a heavy travel schedule—Emma’s 10-Day Program will work for you. Emma, a former management consultant, used to travel five days a week for work, so this virtual retreat can be done from the comfort of your home or on the road. For you road warriors she’ll even share tips on how to get smoothies through TSA screenings! while helping you create a restorative atmosphere, like hers in her New York City home, no matter where you find yourself.






  • Boost your energy,
  • Lose excess weight,
  • Re-hydrate your body which is dried out by the summer heat (which is partly the reason why our immune system breaks down in the winter)
  • Strengthen your immune system for the winter to prevent colds and flu
  • Establish a morning meditation and yoga practice (live class every morning)
  • Integrate Eastern self-care rituals to keep your body clean
  • Learn how to relax more in your day-to-day activities
  • De-clutter and simplify your life to reduce stress further




  • A Detox e-book with day-by-day meal plan, shopping list and recipes to cook your meals at home (or order in/out if you're on the road) and a separate, bonus vegan weight lifting nutrition plan.
  • Daily live virtual yoga classes and pre-recorded videos to stimulate the body's energy centers (chakras)
  • A daily motivational and support email from Emma to keep you on track.
  • A private FB page to build community (for the live course).


 Health Booster (mid -afternoon snack)



When Emma was struggling with low energy levels and a depressed immune system, while working long hours as a consultant on the road, she co-formulated Zenberry: A raw, vegan superfoods protein drink mix which helped her boost her immune and digestive systems, cure her sugar cravings and provide a cocktail of micro-nutrients for her body. Packed with probiotics, enzymes, vegan protein and superfoods. Apart from the 4 days of Kichadi diet in the middle of the Program, Emma will teach you how to make one immune boosting smoothie per day. She recommends the use of Zenberry for extra micro-nutrients, superfoods, probiotics, enzymes and protein but you could choose your favorite brand of organic vegan protein and add superfoods, probiotics and enzymes if it's lacking these.  You can also omit the smoothie booster altogether. It's your choice.


Cost & Logistics


  • The LIVE Program fee is $179 and includes the kichadi (3 day's worth) and a Zenberry bottle of your choice (indicate your preference in the ORDER NOTES upon purchasing the program.  If do not indicate the flavor you want we will send you what we have).






  • What do we eat? The meals are vegan the first week and vegetarian the second week (include eggs, fish and cultured dairy) to give the digestive system some rest and enable the intestines and colon to clean up. All processed foods, sugar, white flour, fried foods, meat, chicken, and alcohol are suspended. Coffee should be reduced to one cup (organic preferred) a day or better, substituted for herbal and organic green tea. The meals are seasonal using Fall foods to prepare your body for the winter and will include primarily warm cooked food with the exception of fresh fruit in the morning, a side salad at lunch, and a live food booster at 3-4PM.
  • I have a medical condition and take medication, can I participate? Yes you can. Contact Emma to share the specifics of your situation. She can also connect with your health care provider if you'd like. Emma will help you tailor the diet to your needs. Further, 2/3 of the Program is lifestyle related and immensely beneficial to reduce stress and support the recovery of one's health. If you self-medicate with OTC and supplements, consider whether you could take a break during the Challenge to give your liver a break. Seek advice from your doctor when in doubt.
  • If I miss a webinar or a meditation-yoga class, can I access any recording later? Yes you can but you will miss the video and only be able to access the audio. On the weekend, two different classes will be offered in a day (AM and PM, Eastern Standard Time), and during week days, the class will be offered between 5AM and 7AM depending on the day. Yogis get up early as the body's natural breathing is balanced at sunrise (and sunset), best connecting us with the parasympathetic nervous system. In addition, the mind is calmer in the morning. Should the number of registrants from the West Coast exceed 10 people, Emma is open to host a few repeat morning classes at 9 or 10AM EST.






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  1. Great fall rejuventation with Emma 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 13th 2016

    I just finished the 8 day rejuvenation cleanse with Emma and it was terrific! I loved the combination of morning AND evening peaceful (yet still active and energizing) yoga routines, and the diet and pep talks along the journey. It has helped center me as we enter into this crazy fall-winter holiday season AND I lost about 5 pounds. More to go, so I'm going to stick with this regime (at least a lot of it) for the foreseeable future. Emma is a great coach! Thank you , Emma.

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