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Pura Vida Zenberry Smoothie Recipe

Posted by Emma Galland on

Hola! Que tal! I found connection in the Chirripo mountains of Costa Rica to email you my Zenberry Sunday recipe. In honor to the country that welcomes me, I named it Pura Vida.

Super simple and delicious using an incredible superfood: the tropical and Caribbean fruit graviola, also called soursop, or know locally as guanabana.

It is incredible. Benefits include anti-parasitic and anti-cancer properties. It treats stomach ailments like ulcers, helps treat gout, fever, hypertension, rheumatism, etc. it is incredibly anti-inflammatory and provides ample amounts of fiber. and I love love love its texture and taste. Amazing white flesh sweet and sour. I made a video showing the process of making this smoothie but do not have enough internet bandwidth to share it now. I will when I return to the US, including how we opened the coconut with a knife by simply banging it on the coconut. Crazy!


2 TBSP Zenberry Vanilla Berry
1 whole young coconut (or coconut flesh and 1 cup coconut water)
1/2 cup soursop (you can find frozen graviola individual packs in your health food store, next to the açaí packs)

Directions: Open the coconut and pour water and flesh in the blender. This device, the CocoJack, can really help make opening coconuts super easy. Add the frozen pack of graviola or fresh one without the seeds. Add your Zenberry Vanilla Berry and blend.

This is one of my favorite smoothies to keep cool in the summer or to calm my stomach and cool my digestive system anytime of the year it shows signs of heat. The coconut water is also a Caribbean remedy against digestive distress.

Zenberry Vanilla Berry adds an anti-oxidant dose to your smoothie, a light pink color and a delicious aromatic flavor of vanilla and berries.

Enjoy this Pura Vida Zenberry drink!