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Meet the Cycling Team Powered by Zenberry Smoothies

Posted by Shane Moran on

Zenberry Racing

I have been racing bikes for almost 14 years now.  Four years ago I decided to form my own team to help spread the Zenberry name to active individuals looking to improve their health and performance. I ride about 12,000 miles per year so I might as well wear my own logo on my back, right? Part of the reason why we created Zenberry superfood smoothies was to provide quick and delicious recovery and workout fuel for athletes in a market where most sports nutrition products are filled with processed sugars, GMOs, chemicals, fillers, soy and dairy (whey).

I had only planned on having a team of one, me. Word must have gotten out because a friend of mine called and asked to join my new team.  I was surprised because our cycling team budget was basically $0 but I could give a free bag of Zenberry once in a while. I guess free Zenberry was enough!  Shortly after that, 2 more friends asked to join up.  We were a team of 4!!!!  

Since then we have grown to 9!  We are mostly Masters racers (40+ yrs old or older) but have a few younger guys to keep us spry.

I carefully select my teammates to make sure they fit into our company's philosophy and that they get along with the many personalities already on the team (especially mine!).  A part of that philosophy is racing clean, of course, but also taking one's diet seriously. We all need to perform and recovery as best we can, especially as we age.  Zenberry smoothies give athletes the vitamins, minerals, protein (vegan), antioxidants, herbs and electrolytes they need in their natural forms.  Zenberry is a food, not a supplement, and is produced in an organic kitchen, not a lab. We believe that the human body performs best without processed sugars, chemicals, fillers, soy or whey. We cherish the ability to test Zenberry on our team members to see what works and what doesn't and all of our customers benefit.

2015 was our best season to date with a win at the NY State Road Race Championships and the King of the Mountains jersey at Green Mountain Stage Race.  Below you can read about each member of team Zenberry and learn a little about what we've done over the years. 

Shawn Erickson


  • 51 yrs old
  • 6'3"
  • 165 lbs
  • Leonia, NJ
  • Cat 3
  • Strengths: All-rounder
  • Favorite Zenberry: Zenberry Green

Originally from Wisconsin, Shawn has that great laid back Midwestern personality and sense of humor.  It's always a blast traveling with him to races. He has been racing for many years and can hold his own in most disciplines. Whether it's a crit, time trial or hilly road race, Shawn has a card to play. He's a selfless teammate and will often sacrifice his own results in order to help one of us win.  Road racing is a team sport, after all.



  • High Point Hill Climb- 9th


  • Green Mtn Stage Race (Stage 2)-  8th
  • Tour of Flanders TT-                       8th
  • High Point Hill Climb-                     9th


  • Tour of Flanders TT (eddy)-   5th


  • Bear Mountain Fall Classic-  3rd
  • Branchbrook Spring Series-  4th
  • Amgraph Road Race-           6th
  • Tour of Catskills (stage 2)-    5th

William Hilsman

  • 30 yrs old
  • 5'11"
  • 160 lbs (of twisted steel)
  • Richmond, VA
  • Cat 3
  • Strengths: time trials, breakaways, sarcasm
  • Pro racer doppelganger : Alex Howe/Phil Gaimon
  • Favorite Zenberry: Zenberry Green

Will has been racing since he was a kid, something fairly rare in the US where most of us start much later in life.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he has French heritage and would spend all of his summers in Paris growing up (I'm very jealous that he speaks French fluently). Will and I raced on the same team years back and it's a pleasure having someone with his talent and tactical knowledge on the team...not to mention his sarcasm.  After graduating law school in NM he settled in Richmond, VA were he continues to fly the Zenberry flag at races down south.



  • Volcano Cliffs Circuit P123 (day 1)- 8th
  • Volcano Cliffs Circuit P123 (day 2)- 7th


  • Cavern City Classic P123 (GC)-     8th
  • Cavern City Classic P123 (RR)-     7th
  • Cavern City Classic P123 (TT)-      9th
  • Mesa Del Sol Circuit Race (3/4)-    4th
  • Adoption Exchange Classic P123- 9th


  • Algodones TT                                  1st
  • Balloon Fiesta Crit                           1st
  • Balloon Fiesta Crit                           1st
  • Balloon Fiesta Crit                           1st
  • New Mexico State RR Champ         9th
  • New Mexico State Crit Champ.        9th


  • Michael P. Murad Memorial RR P12- 4th
  • Oak Flats Mtn Bike Race -                 2nd


  • Fitchburg Longsjo Classic cat 3 (TT)-  2nd
  • Fitchburg Longsjo Classic cat 3 (GC)- 2nd
  • 3x U23 NJ State Time Trial Champion

William Lopez

  • 48 yrs old
  • 5' 6"
  • 130 lbs
  • North Bergen, NJ
  • Cat 3
  • Strengths: Climbing, uphill sprints
  • Pro rider doppelganger: Marco Pantani
  • Favorite Zenberry: Holy Frappe!

William is originally from Medellin, Colombia which is probably the most cycling crazy country outside of Europe. William is unique in that he is a very good climber but also a good sprinter, especially if slightly uphill or on a short, steep climb. He adds a lot of firepower to the team in many situations and is also a selfless worker. 



  • NJ Masters Road Race Championships- 7th
  • Branchbrook Spring Series (45+) -           7th


  • Tour de Ft. Lee Crit (45+) -                2nd
  • Giro de Cielo Stage 2 Crit (45+) -      3rd
  • Giro de Cielo (45+) GC -                    8th
  • Tour of Catskills stage 2 (40+) -         6th
  • Green Mtn Stage Race stage 4 crit - 7th


  • NJ State Road Race Championships- 3rd


  • Rockleigh Crit Series P123 - 2nd
  • NJ Elite Road Race cat 3 -    7th


  • Giro del Cielo (4/5) -             1st
  • Rockleigh Crit Series (4/5) - 1st

Radames Parissi

  • 41 yrs old
  • 6' 2"
  • 165lbs
  • Ridgefield Park, NJ
  • Cat 3
  • Strengths: Climbing
  • Pro racer doppelganger: Ivan Basso
  • Favorite Zenberry: All of them!

Rami and I have been friends for many years but this is the first time we've been on the same team together.  Rami's family is from Bogota, Colombia where cycling is a major sport. He is a natural climber and really resembles Ivan Basso when riding.   Rami brings his amazing positive personality to the team.  He is always looking on the bright side of things and has rarely said anything negative about anyone over the past 12 years I've know him. I welcome his positive outlook to offset my often "glass is half empty" views.



  • NJ State Road Race Championships - 3rd

Jack Piller

  • 51 yrs old
  • 6' 1"
  • 165lbs
  • Cat 3
  • Keene, NY
  • Strengths: time trials, all-rounder, stage racing
  • Favorite Zenberry: Zenberry Green

Jack is one of the original members of Team Zenberry.  He was the first one to call me up and ask to join the team, which surprised me a bit.  I never thought anyone would want to be on my team.  I met jack at a training camp in Arizona the year before and we've been friends ever since.  Jack is a good time trialist and has that tall slender body that was born to be on a bike (I wish I looked that natural). He has been focusing more on time trials due to lack of time and suffering a torn calf about 1.5 yrs ago.  It has been a long recovery but he'll be lining up on the start line soon.



  • 8x winner of Point au Roche TT


  • Tour of Catskills Stage 1 TT -             9th
  • Whiteface Mountain Hillclimb (40+) - 3rd
  • 6x Point Au Roche TT series -           1st


  • Tour of the Catskills Stage 1 -            2nd
  • Tour of the Catskills KOM winner

Shane Moran

  • 42
  • 5' 5"
  • 129lbs
  • Cat 2
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • Strengths: Climbing, stage racing
  • Pro racer doppelganger: Julian Alaphilippe, Vincenzo Nibali
  • Favorite Zenberry: Holy Frappe, Zenberry Blue

I started riding for fun in 2002 and only did century rides. I gradually started to get more competitive and was steered towards road racing by the guys at my favorite bike shop, Westwood Cycle in Westwood, NJ. If you live in the area you should really check them out. They treat customers like family. I did my first terrifying Cat 5 race at 5:30am in Prospect Park, Brooklyn back in 2003 and have been hooked since.  It's a rush that I have never gotten from any other sport (including rock climbing) and it's one of the most dangerous and rewarding things I've ever done. Bike racing is a tough sport and successes are rare, even for the best pros.  I've only won a few times in my career but those wins were so sweet.  Winning isn't why I do it, though.  I love the process.  The planning and dedication that goes into this sport.  You can't compete unless you truly dedicate yourself.  I'm almost never the strongest guy in the race so I have to use my head, race smart and sometimes I get lucky.  It's a blast! Having a team to race for is the most fun and sacrificing oneself for a teammate's result is unlike anything in any other sport.  It's even better when that teammate is a friend.



  • Capital Region Road Race (40+) -                6th


  • NY State Road Race Championship (35+) - 1st
  • Green Mtn Stage Race KOM Jersey winner
  • Green Mtn Stage Race GC-                          8th
  • Green Mtn Stage Race Stage 3 -                  8th
  • Bear Mtn Classic (35+) -                               2nd
  • Tour of the Catskills (GC) -                            5th
  • Tour of the Catskills Stage 1 -                       8th
  • Tour of the Catskills Stage 3 -                       6th
  • Killington Stage Race Stage 2 -                    4th
  • High Point Hill Climb TT (eddy) -                  1st


  • Hunter Mtn Spring Classic -                          3rd
  • NCC Tour of Hilltowns -                                 3rd
  • Flanders Time Trial (eddy) -                          2nd
  • Killington Stage Race GC -                           7th
  • Killington Stage Race Stage 2 -                    6th
  • Green Mtn Stage Race GC -                         7th
  • Green Mtn Stage Race Stage 3 -                  6th

2013 (cat 3)

  • Tokeneke Classic Road Race -                     4th
  • CRCA Alpine Hill Climb TT  -                        4th
  • Green Mtn Stage Race TT  -                         6th
  • Hunter Mtn Fall Classic  -                              7th
  • Hunter Mtn Spring Classic P123 -                10th
  • Killington Stage Race GC  -                          8th
  • Killington Stage Race Stage 3 TT -               8th

2012 (cat 3)

  • Tour of the Dragons GC -                              5th 
  • Tour of the Dragons Stage 1 TT -                  5th
  • Tour of the Dragons Stage 3 RR -                 9th
  • Silvermine Time Trial (Eddy) -                       5th
  • Green Mtn Stage Race GC -                         7th

2009 (cat 4)

  • NY State Road Race Championships -         1st
  • NCC Tour of Hilltowns -                                 4th
  • Tour of the Battenkill -                                    6th
  • Tour of Catskills KOM Jersey Winner
  • Tour of Catskills GC -                                     5th
  • Tour of Catskills prologue -                            6th
  • Tour of Catskills Stage 1 -                              7th
  • Tour of Catskills Stage 2 -                              4th

Kuria Njenga

  • 46 yrs old
  • 5' 11"
  • 160lbs
  • Cat 3
  • Nyack, NY
  • Strengths: All-rounder/Puncheur
  • Favorite Zenberry: Holy Frappe

I met Kuria way back when we were both new to racing.  We were both on the same team (Westwood Velo) as Cat 4s and did many of the same races.  Soon we were both training together and car pooling to races all over the north east.  Kuria was born in Kenya and spent a lot of time in Europe before going to college in the US where he eventually settled down.  He played a lot of soccer all through school so endurance has always been a part of his life. Kuria is a true all-rounder with flat to rolling courses being his favorite.  He does have quite a kick on shorter climbs though. 2016 is his first season with team Zenberry.



  • Branchbrook Park Spring Series - 2nd


  • Branchbrook Park Spring Series - 5th


  • Branchbrook Park Spring Series - 2nd
  • Francis J. Clarke Circuit -              3rd


  • Rockleigh Crit series P123 -          8th


  • Blueberry Circuit Race (35+) -       9th

Vince Moran

  • 58 yrs old
  • 5' 10"
  • 165lbs
  • Cat 4
  • Strengths: Crits, stage racing, funny race reports
  • Hackensack, NJ
  • Favorite Zenberry: Zenberry Blue

You may have noticed that Vince and I share the same last name.  Well, he's my uncle and we had been racing on Westwood Velo for years before I started my own team.  A few years into it, Vince joined team Zenberry.  Vince is a fearless competitor and often enters some of the toughest mountainous stage races even though he's not a natural climber.  Most guys avoid these races but not Vince!  The Green Mountain Stage race is one of his favorites even though he suffers on the super-steep ApGap climb on stage 3.  Vince is the most senior member of Team Zenberry (I love busting him about that) and is always helping us with logistics when traveling to faraway stage races which requires lodging, food, and travel for multiple members of the team (and even working as a taxi when my car broke down in Vermont last year!  Thanks Vince!!!).  This is a huge help for everyone.  His race reports are legendary and we all look forward to reading the often humorous accounts of his latest race.



  • Allamuchy Time Trial (55+) - 7th
  • Watermelon Crit (55+) -         8th

Charlie Rey

  • 42 yrs old
  • 6'
  • 175lbs
  • Cat 3
  • Tappan, NY
  • Strengths: Puncheur, Sprinting
  • Favorite Zenberry: Vanilla Chai

Charlie is the newest member of the team and brings some needed firepower on the flats and rolling courses at stage races as well as holding his own in crits and circuit races.  Charlie's former life was that of a "PJ" (pararescue) in the US Air Force so he definitely has the grit and toughness to easily deal with any race included.



  • Fort Lee Crit - 9th

Below are some photos of the team over the years.  You can follow our results and progress during the rest of the 2016 season on social media like facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and Tumblr (@zenberrymix for all)

Shane winning the 2015 NY State Road Race Championships

William Lopez finishing with a strong 2nd place at the 2015 Ft. Lee Crit

Will Hilsman after a rather muddy race

Rami warming up before the 2016 Bear Mtn Classic. Who has more horsepower?

The team at 2015 GMSR where Shane won the KOM competition

Shane & William racing the 2015 Tour of the Catskills

Rami racing in Central Park

Shane showing off some of his victories w/ Westwood Cycle and the new race bike

Kuria and Charlie climbing up Storm King near Cornwall, NY

Shane & Kuria racing the 2016 Orchard Beach Crit (P123)

Vince racing at the 2015 NJ Masters Crit Championships

Shane on the climb on his way to winning the 2015 NY State Road Race Championships

The perfect recovery shake: Zenberry